The New Jersey Self Storage Association

How we started

In 1993, a legislative proposal was introduced that would have adversely affected the rights of self storage operators to sell tenants' goods after default. A group of far thinking individuals joined together to combat this intrusion into the self storage industry and won! Recognizing that by combining efforts, they could make a difference in their future and impact most any issue, the NJSSA was born.

NJSSA's victories include the defeat of the above referenced legislation, the blocking of an attempt to require interest on self storage security deposits, and the rejection of onerous requirements for environmental testing of individual self-storage units. But most importantly, the NJSSA has gathered strength and influence.

You are invited!

The Officers and Board of the NJSSA invite you to join with other New Jersey self storage owners/operators just like yourself, to be part of the entity that represents your views, fights for you and asserts the positions of your industry whenever necessary.

Our purposes are to . . .

  • Promote a Code of Ethics that encourages good business practices and customer service.
  • Protect the existing lien and tax law status that has fostered industry growth in New Jersey.
  • Sponsor regional "grassroots" seminars periodically to educate those in the industry about legal issues and other topical concerns.
  • Conduct an Annual Educational Seminar/ Convention that brings together New Jersey owner/operators to share common experiences and learn from the industry's top experts.
  • Publish a periodic newsletter to keep members and their staffs current on industry issues and to promote thought and discussion on subjects of interest.
  • Promulgate recommended procedures such as the Model Occupancy Agreement, Auction, Decedents' Estate and Bankruptcy procedures, Late Fees and Delinquent Payment Plans.
  • Function as the industry's VOICE to promote self storage, to defend your rights as independent business persons and to represent the interests of the NJSSA whenever we can!
  • Support, communicate and cooperate with the National Self Storage Association (SSA) and other state Self Storage Associations.